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Delicious Indian recipes made easy, with fresh ingredients you need to cook them, delivered to your door.


Haldii is a one-of-a-kind culinary establishment with a menu inspired by the idea of simple, honest cooking. We hope to connect our communities to authentic Indian cooking and enjoy dishes with their loved ones.

Haldii was born because we noticed that there weren't enough healthy Indian meal options out there. We really wanted to challenge the conception that Indian food is heavy, oily and sometimes unhealthy. This is far from the truth about traditional Indian food. My Panjabi family and I grew up eating primarily vegan or vegetarian and packed full of fresh herbs, spices and vegetables – and very little oil or ghee! We wanted to share how easy it is to recreate traditional Indian recipes at home, just with a bit of prep and love.



We found that a lot of our friends and family were using pre-made curry pastes or jars. So we started helping our friends and family by providing them with spice mixes and recipes, who loved them. Both my mother and grandmother can cook 'by eye' – impressively not needing any measuring equipment! So, with a bit of help from my lovely mother, we managed to bring these dishes into written recipes. Our name came from the Indian word for Turmeric or 'haldi'. It is primarily known for its healing and wellness benefits and is a recurring ingredient in many spice mixes.


It is known to be purifying and cleansing to the body and is a part of many daily rituals in many South Asian cultures. Turmeric is also considered very auspicious in Indian traditions. During the festivities of Indian weddings, a paste of haldi is applied to the bride and the groom's faces and arms and feet a few days before getting married. This signifies prosperity for the bride and groom, who are starting their new life together. Haldi is associated with new beginnings, which is how we feel about our new Haldii journey.


Our recipes have been lovingly passed down and adapted through the generations. They are meals many of us loved growing up in British-Asian households, not only for dinner but breakfast, brunch, lunch or a quick, tasty snack.


We are constantly developing our menu of tasty meal kits, choosing only the freshest ingredients allowing you to cook some of the most delicious and most nourishing recipes from home. Our spices are blended fresh every week so that you have the most aromatic spices to hand. Our kits come with easy-to-follow instructions, contain vegan-friendly options, and cater to all heat levels. With our Haldii meals, you always know what's going into your dishes.Each dish reflects our passion for high-quality food to be accessible to anyone.


So join us on our journey and order your Haldii box today!


With love, Sandeep
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