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Uncover the Calories Consumed in Your Indian Takeaway

Getting a takeaway is a treat that many households look forward to, leaving the cooking and washing up to someone else, while enjoying a delicious meal. Indian takeaways are one of the nation’s top takeaway choices but not many people are aware of how many calories are included in their favourite Indian dish.

The number of calories will vary depending on the type of meal you choose, as well as the restaurant chefs cooking methods and ingredient choices. While some takeaway companies may choose healthier recipes, the large majority of Indian takeaway restaurants offer meals that are high in fat.

With an average chicken tikka masala portion containing 1,249 calories and 90.8 grams of fat (before you add starters, naan bread, rice or chips), you can easily exceed the daily recommended calorie intake in one meal. Large amounts of cream and ghee contribute to the high calories, which are common ingredients in popular Indian takeaway dishes. Eating this kind of meal on a regular basis will contribute to health conditions like diabetes and will make it more difficult to manage your weight to stay healthy.

What are the healthier options?

Indian food is too good to give up but there are some ways you can still get your Indian food fix without going down the unhealthy route. Choosing a healthier takeaway option is one solution, with non-sauce based dishes usually having lower numbers of calories and dishes with lots of chickpeas, lentils and vegetables can provide you with a healthier choice.

The truth is though, you never really know how many calories are going into a meal unless you make it yourself. If cooking is not one of your top skills or you are inexperienced in cooking Indian meals, you can easily teach yourself with Haldii.

Haldii provides meal kits for authentic, healthy Indian dishes with instructions that are easy to follow and even easier to calculate the calories. The business idea was based around a solution to sharing family meal recipes during lockdown, when families could not get together for their favourite home-cooked meals.

You can order from a large selection of delicious dishes that are easy to make but will impress your friends and family so much that you might never go back to takeaway food again. As well as being much healthier than ordering an Indian takeaway, it is usually a more cost-effective meal option. You will know exactly what ingredients you are eating and you can refine your culinary skills along the way!

We care about the planet and sustainability, which is why we have a great choice of vegan options and all Haldii packaging is recyclable.

Are you ready to try the Haldii experience and become your own master chef? Why not start with the sharer box which feeds up to 6 people and get 20% discount on your first order?


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