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Delicious Indian recipes made easy, with fresh ingredients and spices you need to cook them, delivered to your door. Just add your choice of meat or vegetables!


We choose only the freshest ingredients allowing you to cook some of the most delicious and most nourishing recipes from home. Our spices are blended fresh every week so that you have the most aromatic spices to hand. Our kits come with easy-to-follow instructions, contain vegan-friendly options, and cater to all heat levels.


With our Haldii box, you always know what's going into your dishes.

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Haldii is a one-of-a-kind culinary establishment with a menu inspired by the idea of simple, honest cooking. We want to connect our communities to authentic Indian cooking, to enjoy with their loved ones.

Haldii was born because we noticed that there weren't enough healthy Indian meal options out there. We really wanted to challenge the conception that Indian food is heavy, oily and sometimes unhealthy. This is far from the truth about traditional Indian food. My Panjabi family and I grew up eating primarily vegan or vegetarian and packed full of fresh herbs, spices and vegetables – and very little oil or ghee!

We wanted to share how easy it is to recreate traditional Indian recipes at home, just with a bit of prep and love.

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Experience traditional Indian cooking at home with our delicious meal kits.

Never cooked a curry before? All you need to add is your choice of meat or vegetables! We give you fresh ingredients and spices needed to make curry from scratch, with a simple to follow recipe card.


Check our best selling original curry base, which goes with any meat or vegetables.

Vegan - friendly

We don't just do curry's - check out our easy to follow naan kit recipes so that you can have them fresh at home.

Vegan - friendly



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